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Leaking: Addressing Addiction Counselor Codependency


Time To Put The Oxygen Mask On!


I have spent more than 25 years training chemical dependency counselors and they are my favorite people. For the most part, they're either in personal addiction recovery or they are family members who have been touched by the chaos of addiction. The very passion that brings us to this work is the potential foundation for burnout and relapse if those issues are not identified and addressed throughout a counselor's career.   


I plan to address codependency from early attachment disruption perspective, which results in both codependent behaviors as well as immune system damage. When I see counselors relapse or abruptly leave a career they trained to enter I always wonder about the triggers they faced that they couldn't manage without imploding. Our clients and co-workers can put their finger on our unhealed wounds on a regular basis due to our ability to identify with them. In fact, our identification is a mixed blessing. I can draw compassion from my ability to identify. I can also step into my own blind spots and reactivity that may go unchecked without proper support and awareness. 


Working with a cognitively impaired, emotionally reactive and defensive population with profound trust issues is a challenge that only people with a calling will enter and remain. This book addresses the challenges and offers tools to help talented counselors remain in the addiction counseling profession. We need you. 


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