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Codependency and Men

Codependency & Men was written out of curiosity. “Is Codependency experienced differently by men?” “What role does gender play in the way Codependency ‘looks’ for men?” “Should Codependency treatment be different for men?” 


I have treated Codependent men for over two decades. The men in my practice have difficulty resonating with the term “codependency,” frequently as a result of the largely female-oriented terminology used to describe it. This led me to wonder if gender role created a resistance to recognition of their condition.


 In addition to the early attachment issues that set up these relationship patterns, there is the powerful impact of chronic stress on the adrenal system. Again, gender role and gender role stress play a role in a man’s self-care and self-abandonment patterns. Detachment from his physical and emotional self can cost him his health and ultimately his life.


Codependency & Men utilizes stories, self-evaluation tools, and practical strategies to interrupt and heal patterns that have derailed many men’s relationships and recovery for years.  It provides a comprehensive understanding of Codependency for men.


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